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Name:0846820-OF. cyro {kai-row}
Year 2150. One of Five.
Genetically engineered. Organically born.
Head of Operation Ward in Sector H: Medical Sciences, Negus Hospital.

☇ Age: 24
☇ Gender: Male, sterile.
☇ Height: 6'3"
☇ Weight: 176LBs
☇ Uniform: Green
☇ Number: 0846820-OF
☇ Residence: Sector H
☇ Function: Surgeon
☇ Specialties: Biomechatronics
☇ Unique trait: Psychic through touch
☇ Malfunctions: bouts of anger, organic blindness (mechanically replaced), seems to be developing mania.
☇ Diagnosis: Overall Stable

Cyro is one of the original five successful cases of genetically engineered human beings. His DNA is completely synthesized and was made to ensure excellent health, stamina, and intellect. He was crafted to specialize in medical science and engineering. His surgical knowledge ranges from biomechatronics to standard operation procedures to cosmetics and with his specialty in biomechatronic he also holds extensive knowledge in neurology as well as mechanical engineering. Emotionally, he was synthesized to be cool headed, rational, logical, and action oriented. Think fast, act fast, and stay calm. For the most part, that is what he is. Holding a sometimes cheeky and sarcastic tone, he is the brightest and the kindest. Cyro holds a genuine love for what he does and the ability to help people survive and thrive. Although this passion for life is slowly being corroded by his 'malfunctioning' mind.

He is, like his brothers, dysfunctional. Unlike his brothers he seems mostly mentally stable and incredibly self-aware of what is happening. As he grows older he is becoming more and more detached and resentful toward his makers. Morbid and violent thoughts haunt him more and more each day. Cyro hides the fact that he is beginning to experience bouts of mania often leading to laughing fits, which lead to crying fits, which lead to panic. Days on end unable to sleep, hyper-focused on a project or analysis. It is becoming difficult for him to shut down and find stable ground when the mania sets in. He struggles with control and has a spark of anger than can be dangerous albeit incredibly fleeting.

Cyro detests the people who created them. As they are the first successful prototypes of genetic experimentation with purely engineered DNA, they are experiments over people. Cyro and his brothers are under constant surveillance and are refused treatment toward their mental state for the sake of science.

His main motive is to counter this by discovering the flaw in their creation and understanding how to perfect the creation process to craft a solution. He is driven to cure himself and his brothers before they are annihilated due to risk of threat. His deeper hidden motive is to annihilate organically born human beings once perfected DNA engineering procedures and artificial births have been discovered, but this might be the monster coming out to have a say.

Original Character. Mun and Muse over 18. Not Matt Barr, nor related to him. No profit made.
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